Even at a young age, I was obsessed with documenting life.  My enthusiasm for the magic lens began in third grade, taking cheesy family photos at our backyard barbecues and handing out Have Camera, Will Travel business cards scribbled in Crayola's Brick Red.
After all these years, my heart is still full of giddy girl excitement for photograpy.  I'm an amateur with an iPhone who's enamored with clicking, collecting and curating life's layers of frozen time.  Seduced by simplicity. Mesmerized with the mundane.  Captivated with creating.
Life is an eternal mixed media collage.  A rich rainbow of love, vulnerability and grandiose gratitude is created when everyday enchantments meet profound perspectives.  Smush'em all together, like a sticky campfire marshmallow s'more, and scrumdiddlyumptious art is born.  Something that melts my chocolate heart and feeds my sassy soul.
Kim Mendes 
Editor of Yore Life Magazine.
Lover of Life.  Maker of Laughter.